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Why a shop-at-home option may be best for you

At Apollo Flooring, we know just how overwhelming it can be to shop for flooring. While it's exciting, it can also be a lot, what with all the choices. It's also a significant investment in your home, as well as an expression of your style, so you want to get it right the first time!

Since we opened our doors in 1959, our goal is always to provide you with a floor that will become the shining jewel in the crown of your home. To that end, we bring our fully stocked mobile flooring store in Tucson, AZ, to you so you can shop at home in the comfort and convenience of your surroundings and make the best decision possible.


More comfort and better decisions

Chances are, by the end of a day traveling from one store to another, your feet and back will hurt, and you'll be tired, hungry, and have a headache. You might also start to feel a little rushed because someone is tugging at your arm to go home, or maybe it's getting close to closing time for the stores.

At that point, you might choose something just for the sake of choosing it, even if you're not totally enamored or entirely sure it's for you. When you shop at home, you can move around, stretch, snack, and select something on your schedule, not the stores or anyone else's. When you shop at home, you're on your schedule, not someone else's.

More accuracy

Isn't it funny the way colors can seem to shift when placed next to others? Something might look great in the showroom, but it all looks different when you get it home. That's because you don't live in showrooms. Even exploring it in lightboxes or just going outside to get a better look doesn't work because it's not your lighting. It is ideal to see samples and color chips in your surroundings to get the most accurate picture.


Improved memory

Sometimes when you're away from home, you can forget about the leak-prone kitchen or that you're continually picking up wet towels from the dining area floor because the room is also an entry to the yard. Those are all issues that can affect your choices, and you're more likely to remember them when you're standing right there.

You'll get a free consultation, free flooring estimate, professional installations, a large inventory at the Apollo Flooring mobile showroom headquartered in Tuscon, AZ. Call (520) 296-5411 for a shop-at-home appointment, especially if you live in or near Tuscon, Oro Valley, Green Valley, Marana, or Saddlebrooke, AZ.

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